Russian-American History Month

in New York State (April 2016)

Celebrating Russian American History Month in NYS


This year, a resolution supporting recognition of “Russian American History Month” (RAHM) will again be a joint New York State Assembly and Senate resolution. Since 2012, a coalition of some 50 organizations, chaired by Olga Zatsepina, president of RACH-C, (The Russian American Cultural Heritage Center Inc.) has requested and received support from the NYS legislature to help establish a month to bring awareness of the contributions of Russian Americans.

If you have an event about Russian American community or of interest to it, please, send the information to:

Dozens of events organized by Coalition members and others throughout the month aim to educate the general public about Russian American contributions to the history and culture of the state and the nation, as well as to provide an opportunity for New Yorkers of Russian descent to celebrate their shared heritage. Concerts, forums, presentations and lectures give the diverse communities of New York a taste of the Russian American experience.
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