Russian-American History Month

in New York State (April 2021)

Ceremony Honoring Survivors of WWII (Victory Day)

April 17 @ 11AM, Nagle Avenue Y (Washington Heights)

journal 2015 cover imageThis 70th anniversary of the end of WWll brings together veterans of the war who fought in the military of the former Soviet Union including military and civilian survivors of the siege of Leningrad.

April 17, 2015 @ 11AM

Nagle Avenue Y – Washington Heights
60 Nagle Ave, New York, NY 10040

Helping to support the occasion will be RACH-C, represented by its president Olga Zatsepina, the Princess Diana Bagrationi Foundation, represented by its founder.

The sponsor for the event – Moscow-on- the Hudson Deli, represented by it proprietor, Feodor Pinchukov

The highlight of the ceremony will be the presentation of special medals commissioned by the government of the Russian Federation presented by the Consulate General in NY.

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