Russian-American History Month

in New York State (April 2021)

Systema – Russian Martial Art

Saturday, April 12th
Hamilton Hall 517 2.30 pm

by The Russian International Association of Columbia University (RIA)


Systema – Russian martial art comes to Columbia! Sergei Maslikhov, instructor from Systema school in Midtown (  will come to Columbia University to demonstrate basic elements of ancient Russian Martial art – Systema. The roots of Systema can be traced to 10th century AC, and at the same time Systema includes techniques to work with modern weaponry and improvised weaponry. The event is free and open for everyone!

Events are in Hamilton Hall of Columbia University, here is a map:

Directions: Take 1 train to 116th street. When outside, you should see massive  black gates with a security booth on Broadway and 116th street. Enter the campus through the gates. After you pass a monument (Alma Mater) on your left, turn to your right, step down the stairs. After descending the stairs, turn left, and then there will be a monument of Alexander Hamilton on your right. Across from the monument of Alexander Hamilton, there’s an entrance to Hamilton Hall.

Information about PolygonElite (the Systema school):

Polygon Elite™ is an elite military combatives & weaponry expert of the most efficient, realistic, competent and comprehensive solution to elite hand-to-hand, close quarters combat instruction “forged out of the most brutal training regime ever created” — the combat fighting system of Russia’s special forces (SPETSNAZ) Systema Russian Martial Art and Russian Airborne Brigade combat fighting tactics.

Polygon Elite™, a Certified Systema Instructor by Vladimir Vasiliev of the Systema Headquarters in Toronto, Canada, provides low through high threat level stand-alone and augmentative elite combatives & weaponry instruction to the United States Armed Forces and its Allies, law enforcement, security professionals, professional contractors, consultancy to corporations, organizations & educational entities, as well as specialized civilian self-defense training in the New York City area and worldwide.

The Russian International Association of Columbia University (RIA) was created in 1998 in order to unify and educate the Columbia Community about the Russian language, culture, and the legacy of the Soviet and Post-Soviet countries. Anyone who shares a common background of growing up in the countries of the former Soviet Union, or who is simply interested in learning about the literary traditions and the riches of culture of Russia and former states of the Soviet Union is welcome to join our association.

Our events include traditional Russian cultural activities, Russian movie screenings, having dinners featuring traditional Russian food, going to Russian plays, dancing to Russian music, and participating in Russian literary nights. Furthermore, our social events include ice-skating trips, study breaks, and sports events, such as volleyball games. We also invite prominent speakers to educate our community about literary and political issues of interest. Our events are aimed at bringing together people who are interested in the Russian culture, giving them a chance to learn more about our rich cultural heritage. We have strong connections with other Russian-speaking organizations of the area like Russian-American Cultural Heritage center, Russian Club of NYU and other NYC colleges and universities, etc.

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