Russian-American History Month

in New York State (April 2021)

Bicentennial Celebration of the Great 19th Century Russian Poet Mikhail Lermontov

April 19, 2014 @ 2:30 PM, Mid-Manhattan Library

Presented by the Pushkin Society in America

Mid-Manhattan Library 6th Fl
455 Fifth Ave on the 6th floor
New York, NY 10016

LermontovThe program will celebrate 200 years since the birth of the poet of the Caucuses. It will include an illustrated lecture on the poet’s life, tragic death, poetry, and inspiration in addition to archive material on the celebration of Lermontov in the Russian diaspora 50 years ago. Janette Artway will also give a talk about her father’s immigration and his role in the Pushkin Society. Readings of Lermontov’s poems will be in both Russian and English and a short independent documentary films by El Earthbourne will touch upon various Russian literary themes.

The Pushkin Society in the United States has been in existence since 1935. From  1979 to 2009 Dr. Catharine Lodyjensky was its chairman. She collected a significant part of the old documents and materials, pertaining to various meetings, different  programs, and artistic activity of the Russian Diaspora in New York. Dr. Lodyjensky sponsored literary and artistic events and her will expresses her wish that The Pushkin Society activity should go on. And so the archives and the center were named after her. As of that time a new stage of the activity of the oldest Russian America organization has begun.


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